Kemco RPG Selection Volume 4

Kemco RPG Selection Volume 4

Release Year September 18, 2023
Genre RPG, Puzzle, Adventure, Simulation
Developer & Publisher Kemco
Image Format XCI
Game Version 1.0.2
Language English, Japanese
Required firmware Base=16.0.0 (Atmosphere or SXOS)(Sigpatches)
Multiplayer Single System (1)
Age rating Everyone 10+

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A great selection package has been introduced that allows
four types of RPG to be enjoyed at once

Chronus Arc
On their way to the Chronus Shrine to get the Chronus
Fragments, Loka and his teacher Teth are surrounded by
a mysterious man named Geppel and his gang. They demand
the Fragments. While Teth plays for time, Loka rushes out
of the cave on his own to fetch reinforcements. He is
successful, but Teth and Geppel are nowhere to be found
Aiming to gather information about his missing teacher
Teth, Loka decides to set out on a journey with his
friend Sarna

Title ID: 0100E9F00CACC000 [v131072]
Version: v1.0.2

Bonds of the Skies
Times are changing, and the existence of the Grimoas has
become less relevant in everyday life. The young Eil is
in the middle of his Coming-of-Age ceremony when
suddenly his town is attacked by a demon and engulfed in
flames. In the midst of this confusion, Eil enters into
a pact with the Air Grimoa, Nogard, in order to save
Eil and Nogard set off to look for the demon who cast
the town into a sea of flames, and to find other Grimoas
in order to put a stop to its violence!

Title ID: 01009AA00D49E000 [v131072]
Version: v1.0.2

Legend of the Tetrarchs
The holy sword that sealed away an ominous power has
been drawn out and darkness starts to spill out across
the land, mutating people into monsters. The four
Tetrarch heroes of ancient times will meet a new band
of brave warriors to slash through the darkness with
the light of courage! What will they find beyond the

Title ID: 01007E900DFB6000 [v131072]
Version: v1.0.2

Monochrome Order
The world must forever making choices. The Arbiters
mission is to use the ancient magic known as Judgment
to follow their own justice and guide the world to a
better place. A newly-appointed Arbiter, is assigned
to a desolate country where he will have to make
various Judgments. However, not everyone will agree
with his idea of justice
When faced with two extreme choices, which will he

Title ID: 010075200F1CA000 [v65536]
Version: v1.0.1

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ID= 0100E9F00CACC000 + 01009AA00D49E000 + 01007E900DFB6000 + 010075200F1CA000 (America ,Europe, Japan, Asia) US (eng), JP
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