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Download GRIME Definitive Edition + v1.3.2 Update

Release Date January 25, 2024
Genre Action, Platformer, Role-Playing, Adventure
Publisher & Developer Akupara Games
System Nintendo SSwitch
Image format NSP, XCI
Game version 1.3.2
Language English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
Required firmware 17.0.0
Multiplayer Single System (1)
Age rating Teen
Supported play modes TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

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GRIME Definitive Edition – Devastate… Assimilate… Evolve… GRIME is a rapid and unyielding Action-Adventure RPG where you obliterate adversaries with dynamic living weapons that metamorphose in both form and function. An atypical substance implodes, the world convulses and contracts, and suddenly you materialize through compression.

What lies ahead is an unfamiliar world, bizarre yet strangely familiar, compelling you to endure the horrors you confront. Traverse your surreal surroundings, deflect and assimilate myriad enemies, utilizing their unique traits against them as you transcend your former self.

GRIME empowers you to tailor your experience, enhancing only those attributes that align with your distinctive style. Uncover multiple approaches to vanquishing foes as you progress through diverse and atmospheric landscapes, encounter their denizens, and unveil the origin of their insanity.

Download Links

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  • GRIME Definitive Edition NSP ROM
  • Size: 126.11MB

  • GRIME Definitive Edition NSP Update (v1.3.2)
  • Size: 2.56GB
  • GRIME Definitive Edition XCI ROM
  • Size: 2.68GB
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